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    Print | Monday 19 December 2011 | 16,609 views


    • Iskrov G, Stefanov R. Prospects of risk-sharing agreements for innovative therapies in a context of deficit spending in Bulgaria. Front. Public Health 3:64. NEW!
    • Taruscio D, Vittozzi L, Choquet R, Heimdal K, Iskrov G, Kodra Y, Landais P, Posada M, Stefanov R, Steinmueller C, Swinnen E, Van Oyen H. National Registries of Rare Diseases in Europe: An Overview of the Current Situation and Experiences. Public Health Genomics. 2015;18(1):20-5. NEW!
    • Iskrov G, Stefanov G. Access to innovative medicinal therapies through risk-sharing agreements. Zdravna politika i management. 2015;15(1):20-7. [Article in Bulgarian] NEW!
    • Iskrov G, Houÿez F. European Network of Rare Disease Help Lines (ENRDHLs) – caller profile analysis 2013. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2014 Dec;9(1):830. NEW!
    • Taruscio D, Morciano C, Laricchiuta P, Mincarone P, Palazzo F, Leo CG, Sabina S, Guarino R, Auld J, Sejersen T, Gavhed D, Ritchie K, Hilton-Boon M, Manson J, Kanavos PG, Tordrup D, Tzouma V, Le Cam Y, Senecat J, Filippini G, Minozzi S, Del Giovane C, Schünemann H, Meerpohl JJ, Prediger B, Schell L, Stefanov R, Iskrov G, Miteva-Katrandzhieva T, Serrano-Aguilar P, Perestelo-Perez L, Trujillo-Martín MM, Pérez-Ramos J, Rivero-Santana A, Brand A, van Kranen H, Bushby K, Atalaia A, Ramet J, Siderius L, Posada M, Abaitua-Borda I, Ferreira VA, Hens-Pérez M, Manzanares FJ. RARE-Bestpractices: a platform for sharing best practices for the management of rare diseases. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2014 Dec;9(1):831. NEW!
    • Iskrov G, Stefanov R. Assessment and appraisal of innovative health technologies for cancer and rare diseases. . Nauka Farmakologia. 2014;5(2):13-9. [Article in Bulgarian] NEW!
    • Iskrov G, Stefanov R. Post-marketing access to orphan drugs: a critical analysis of health technology assessment and reimbursement decision-making considerations. Orphan Drugs: Research and Reviews 2014, 4:1-9.
    • Taruscio D, Gentile AE, De Santis M, Ferrelli RM, Posada de la Paz M, Hens M, Huizer J, Fregonese L, Stefanov R, Bottarelli V, Weinman A, Le Cam Y, Gavhed D, Mincarone P, Bushby K, Frazzica RG, Donati C, Vittozzi L, Jessop E. EUROPLAN: A Project to Support the Development of National Plans on Rare Diseases in Europe. Public Health Genomics. 2013;16(6):278-87.
    • Iskrov G, Raycheva R, Stefanov R. Insight into reimbursement decision-making criteria in Bulgaria: implications for orphan drugs. Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2013;55(3&4):80-86.
    • Iskrov G, Miteva-Katrandzhieva T, Stefanov R. Rare diseases and orphan drugs in Bulgaria – challenges and priorities Pediatria 2012, 52 (1 SUPPL.): 55-57. [Article in Bulgarian]
    • Simeonova R, Iskrov G, Stefanov R. Perspectives for establishing of centres of expertise for rare diseases in Bulgaria. Pediatria 2012, 52 (1 SUPPL.): 58-61.[Article in Bulgarian]
    • Linertová R, Serrano-Aguilar P, Posada-de-la-Paz M, et al.; BURQOL-RD Research Group. Delphi approach to select rare diseases for a European representative survey. The BURQOL-RD study Health Policy. 2012 Nov;108(1):19-26.
    • Iskrov G, Miteva-Katrandzhieva T, Stefanov R. Challenges to orphan drugs access in Eastern Europe: the case of Bulgaria. Health Policy. 2012 Nov;108(1):10-8.
    • Miteva Ts, Jordanova R, Iskrov G, Stefanov R. General knowledge and awareness on rare diseases among general practitioners in Bulgaria. Georgian Med News. 2011 Apr;(193):16-9.
    • Taruscio D, Vittozzi L, Stefanov R. National plans and strategies on rare diseases in Europe. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2010;686:475-91.
    • Taruscio D, Trama A, Stefanov R. Tackling rare diseases at European level: why do we need a harmonized framework? Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2007;49(1-2):59-67.
    • Bresin E, Daina E, Noris M, et al; International Registry of Recurrent and Familial HUS/TTP. Outcome of renal transplantation in patients with non-Shiga toxin-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome: prognostic significance of genetic background. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2006 Jan;1(1):88-99.
    • Gamba S, Cicci L, Stefanov R. Quality of life in patients with unusual diseases: experience of nurses at the clinical research center for unusual diseases Aldo e Cele Daccò. Assist Inferm Ric. 2003 Jul-Sep;22(3):144-50.


    Rare diseases within the Bulgarian public health system

    • Review of the actual situation and tendences in the rare diseases field in Bulgaria
    Issue 1 / November 2010 (click here to read the PDF file, 0.98 MB)

    Access to orphan drugs

    • Review of the access to orphan drugs in Bulgaria
    Issue 5 / October 2014 (click here to read the PDF file, 1.1 MB) NEW!
    Issue 4 / July 2013 (click here to read the PDF file, 170 KB)
    Issue 3 / September 2012 (click here to read the PDF file, 280 KB)
    Issue 2 / March 2011 (click here to read the PDF file, 705 KB)
    Issue 1 / June 2010 (click here to read the PDF file, 150 KB)

    Epidemiological registries

    • Review of the epidemiological registries in Bulgaria
    Issue 2 / August 2014 (click here to read the PDF file, 718 KB) NEW!
    Issue 1 / August 2012 (click here to read the PDF file, 696 KB)

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