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    Print | Monday 9 January 2012 | 14,602 views

    On Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The stories of 9 Bulgarian rare diseases patients and their families
    (Bulgarian, PDF format, size 1 MB)

    FAQ on Clinical Trials (English, PDF format, size 620 KB)

    FAQ on Personalised Healthcare (English, PDF format, size 1.13 MB)

    Some Information About Your Genetic Appointment (English, PDF format, size 534 KB)

    Genetic Glossary (English, PDF format, size 319 KB)

    Frequently Asked Questions (English, PDF format, size 488 KB)

    What is a Genetic Test? (English, PDF format, size 904 KB)

    Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Test (English, PDF format, size 566 KB)

    Amniocentesis Test (English, PDF format, size 677 KB)

    Chromosome Changes (English, PDF format, size 1.24 MB)

    Chromosome Translocations (English, PDF format, size 1.38 MB)

    Recessive Inheritance (English, PDF format, size 910 KB)

    Dominant Inheritance (English, PDF format, size 1.08 MB)

    X Linked Inheritance (English, PDF format, size 1.67 MB)

    Please note that some of the PDF files below are large (1MB) and may take a while to download. If you have problems opening the file, please right click the link and choose the option ‘save as’ to save the file on your computer. You can then open it from there with Adobe Reader.

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