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Williams Syndrome Association Bulgaria

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Contact Person:
Mrs. Dilyana Koleva – Saraivanova

Mrs. Lyusy Atanasova


4 Sheinovo Street, Ent. B, Fl. 1

Sredets Residential Complex, Sofia, BULGARIA

Mobile phone:
(+359) 889 212 676



Internet site:
It is about to be created

Facebook group:

It is about to be created

Governing Body:
Mrs. Dilyana KOLEVA – SARAIVANOVA – President


  • Establish contacts with similar organizations in the country and abroad
  • Establishment of contacts and permanent dialogue between the Association and the governing bodies and institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria related to this disease / Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, National Health Insurance Fund, Drug Agency, National Labor Expert Medical Commission, etc. /
  • Undertaking measures to overcome the emotional consequences of the disease, professional retraining and social rehabilitation of people suffering from Williams-Boiren Syndrome
  • Provide funds for the treatment and support of patients suffering from Williams-Boiren Syndrome in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Means to help and assist in communicating between people suffering from Williams-Boiren Syndrome and state institutions
  • Understanding the public with the problems of people suffering from Williams-Boyer syndrome, supporting social rehabilitation and professional orientation of people suffering from Williams-Boiren Syndrome
  • Organizes and supports the realization of research projects in the field of treatment of Williams-Boyer’s Syndrome
  • Organizes and supports the training in the country and abroad of specialists in the study and treatment of Williams-Boirens Syndrome
  • Assist the specialized state and medical authorities and organizations for the establishment and operation of laboratories, offices and centers for treatment and research of the disease
  • Organizes scientific meetings, symposia, congresses, conferences, sponsors publishing activities in the field of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of Williams-Boyer Syndrome
  • Creates international contacts for collaborative developments, for the work and specialization of Bulgarian scholars abroad for the treatment of patients suffering from Williams-Boiren Syndrome
  • Provides support to research, educational and other institutions whose activities are related to the association
    It opens permanent and temporary information centers in the country and abroad and other analogous structures in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and the host country legislation
  • He maintains contacts and cooperates with specialized information centers on rare diseases in connection with the exchange of information on people suffering from Williams-Boyer’s Syndrome


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