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    Print | Tuesday 11 February 2014 | 10,404 views

    Who we are?

    The Centre for Health Technology Assessment and Analyses (CAHTA) is a legal entity registered in September 2013. CAHTA currently operates as an independent unit within the Institute of Rare Diseases in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    The idea behind the establishment of CAHTA is to complement the current activities of the Institute by covering the increasingly dynamic field of health technology assessment (HTA). Introducing and applying the HTA concept in Bulgaria will allow for more transparency, objectivity and efficiency in the health system. HTA is greatly important in the field of rare diseases and orphan drugs. The extended life expectancy and improved quality of life for patients with rare diseases are the most important outcomes of all rare disease policies. These two directly depend on the timely access to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic health technologies. Proper and reliable assessment of innovative health technologies is not only important for rare diseases – it is crucial for the overall effectiveness of the entire health care system in Bulgaria.

    What is HTA?

    HTA denotes a multi-disciplinary process of policy analysis that examines the medical, economic, social and ethical implications of the incremental value, diffusion and use of a medical technology in health care. HTA aims that health policy decisions on use and coverage of health technologies are taken in an informed and objective way that is transparent and open to the society.

    What is CAHTA offering?

    CAHTA provides consulting and research expertise in the fields of public health, health technology assessment and rare diseases. CAHTA’s high standards and proven experience guarantee reliable and quality results, so our client can make better and more efficient decisions in completing their work objectives.

    CAHTA designs and implements research programmes that are customized to the specific needs of each client. In addition, CAHTA is specialized in elaborating communication strategies, including publications in peer-reviewed journals, posters and presentations at scientific conferences.

    CAHTA is offering the following consultancy and research services:

    Health technology assessment reports
    Epidemiology and epidemiological registries
    Surveys and observational studies
    Market access and outcomes strategy
    Biostatistics and planning of medical research

    CAHTA would help you:

    Better understand the specifics of the market, health technology or medical condition of interest
    Expedite the market access to your ideas and products
    Increase benefits and avoid risks in completing your work objectives

    Explore CAHTA’s recent publications and analyses here.

    Find out more about CAHTA’s projects and events here.

    Contact CAHTA by e-mail to cahta@raredis.org.

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