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Updated information from the National chronic myeloid leukemia registry

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The Bulgarian National chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients registry was started in November 2010 by concluding the first epidemiological study of CML patients. This project is implemented jointly with the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Clinical and Transfusion Hematology and Medical Center “RareDis”. After processing the information a total of 248 CML patients was registred. The proportion of men is 50.40% (125 patients), while that of women is 49.60% (123 patients). Standardized annual prevalence is 3.27 per 100 000 people. The average age of registered patients is 53.86 ± 15.33 years. At the time of the study, patients were treated and followed up in eight hospitals in the country, primarily in university hospitals: 2 centres in Sofia – National Hematology Hospital with 78 (31.50%) patients and “Alexandrovska” University Hospital with registered 29 (11.60%) patients, Plovdiv – 56 patients (22.60%), Varna – 48 patients (19.40%), Pleven – 27 patients (10.90%), Ruse – 5 patients (2.00%), Haskovo – 4 patients (1.60% ) and Vidin – 1 patient (0.60%). Patients from Ruse, Vidin and Haskovo receive medicinal therapy at the university clinics and are followed up by a hematologist in their home town. An update of the information on registered patients with CML, as well as registration of new cases will be held in 2011.

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