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Myasthenia Gravis Foundation – The strength is in the

by informer

Contact person:

Irena Neshovska


Mobile phone: +359 899 86 80 60

E-mail: myasthenia.foundation@gmail.com


Postal address:

Bulgaria, Varna, 17 Stoyan Batsov Str.


Board of Founders:

Irena Neshovska – president

Anita Daneva – founder

Denis Voznitsa – founder


Facebook group – closed (intended for patients) Myasthenia Gravis Foundation

Page – Myasthenia Gravis Foundation


The foundation aims to:

To support people with myasthenia gravis in Bulgaria. Uniting patients in a community, protection of their human and civil rights. Providing information, exchange of experience and mutual assistance. Contacts and interaction with other patient organizations. Interaction with state and public institutions. Providing funds for the implementation of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation goals.

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