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Neurosarcoidosis: A Unique Presentation of a Rare Disease

by informer

Sarcoidosis is defined as an immune-mediated multi-organ granulomatous disease with unknown etiology, which is characterized by the presence of multiple non-caseating granulomas in the absence of a definite infective or toxic cause. Neurosarcoidosis (NS) occurs when sarcoid granulomas invade the central or peripheral nervous systems. Sarcoidosis usually presents with non-specific manifestations, including dry cough, fatigue, night sweats, weight loss, skin changes, and eye manifestations. Many patients who develop NS present with neurological manifestations within two years of being diagnosed with sarcoidosis. In this article a case of newly diagnosed sarcoidosis in a 49-year-old male patient initially presenting with neurological manifestations of unknown origin is presented, later identified as NS on peripheral lymph node biopsy with non-caseating granuloma. Read the full article here.

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