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Leigh syndrome global patient registry

by informer

Leigh Syndrome (LS) is a rare genetic neurometabolic disorder, that leads to the degeneration of the central nervous system. LS can be caused by over 80 mutations in mitochondrial or nuclear DNA. Patient registries are important for many reasons, such as studying the natural history of the disease, improving the quality of care, and understanding the healthcare burden. For rare diseases, patient registries are significantly important as patient numbers are small, and funding is limited.

Cure Mito Foundation started a global patient registry for LS in September 2021 to identify and learn about the LS patient population, facilitate clinical trial recruitment, and unite international patients and researchers. Priorities аре to allow researchers and industry partners to access data at no cost through a clear and transparent process, active patient engagement, and sharing of results back to the community.

This registry provides a straightforward, no-cost mechanism for data sharing and contacting patients for clinical trials or research participation, which is important given the recruitment challenges for clinical trials for rare diseases. Read the full article here.

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