Home Events Veselina Kmetska – winner of the audience in the photo contest “Rare Nuances in The Colours of Life”

Veselina Kmetska – winner of the audience in the photo contest “Rare Nuances in The Colours of Life”

by informer

Veselina Kmetska, medical student, 3rd year, MF under Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” Burgas

1. Hello, you have been chosen as the audience winner in our “Rare Nuances in The Colours of Life” contest, how did you find out about it and what motivated you to participate?

I learned about the competition “Rare Nuances in The Colours of Life” from the Facebook page of ASM-Plovdiv. As a member of ASMB-Burgas, I follow the association’s campaigns. I really liked the idea of ​​an exhibition dedicated to people with rare diseases and that motivated me to get involved.

2. Are you serious about photography? How did you decide which photo to feature?

I have been doing photography as an amateur for three years. In this way, I break away from the busy everyday life and enjoy the beautiful things in life. When I saw the theme of the contest, I immediately decided with which photo to participate.

3. What is the symbolism in your picture?

Symbolism of my photography – sometimes nature is very cruel to us humans, but nevertheless it gives us incredible views and colors to remind us that life is actually beautiful. People with rare diseases should know that after the strongest storms, a rainbow appears, after the hardest days – a beautiful sunset and after the darkest nights – a colorful sunrise. I believe that after every bad thing, something good happens, which gives us a sign that we should never lose hope and give up on the beauty of life.

4. What did you learn about rare diseases by participating in the competition?

From participating in the photo contest, I realized how important campaigns like this are. They inform the public about people with rare diseases, which will improve their care and treatment. Together we can improve the quality of life for these people and show them that there is hope for them and that they too deserve to be happy.



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