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    • Marfan syndrome

      SYNONIMS: MFS ICD10 code: Q87.4 ORPHANET number: ORPHA558 For more information about this disease, please visit the Orphanet website. Visitors from North America may also contact NIH Office of Rare ->>>

    • Системен буфер-2Access to medicinal therapies for rare diseases in Bulgaria

      The Centre for Health Technology Assessment and Analyses at the Institute of Rare Diseases (IRD) has published its 2014 Annual Report on access to rare ->>>

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    • helpNew project for psychosocial help for people with rare diseases is starting

      Life with a rare disease brings lots of unknown and unexpected – long search for a diagnosis, more difficult access to treatment if there is ->>>

    • autismAutism Spectrum Disorders in Europe project is starting

      Understanding about autism will get a boost as universities, charities and expert institutions from 14 European countries come together in a major new programme. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe(ASDEU) has been funded by the European Commissionto research autism diagnosis, prevalence and interventions and to improve care and support for peoplewith autism. Autism Spectrum Disorders in Europe (ASDEU) is a three-year programme run by a consortium of 20 groups from 14 countries.  ASDEU has received 2.1 million euros from the Directorate-General of Health and Consumers of theEuropean Commission (DG-SANCO) to increase understanding of and improve responses to autism. BAPES is a member of the programme consortium. The project will ->>>

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